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Analytics Meets

Academy View System

- Academy View by BIG.  Full POS analytics linked with training

- Private Labeled- Your Colors, logo, and training

- Complete year round training and management systems

- Turn Key Onboarding courses for new hires

- Supplemental Library for up to date industry changes

- Monthly Consults, audits, analytics, etc. 

- Custom videos, courses, and insight to help grow your business

- $849 per month first location. Tax Deductible*

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Buyer's Intelligence Group: Academy View

The most complete and indepth training and managment system in any industry.  The Academy View system blends both analyitics and training to bring retailers an all in one sales floor management system.  One on one's, category analysis, training recommendations, goals, if you need it in retail view it with the BIG Academy View included in the Academy View System.

Hear From Real Users

At the Jewelry Sales Academy we focus on 3 main areas.  Onboarding/Hiring new staff, ongoing training, and Sales Management.  No matter what experience level you or your staff possess we help making growing sales fun and repeatable!

Academy Sales System (Basic)

- Unlimited access to the renowned "Academy Sales System"

- Year long training for full sales staff

- Turn Key Onboarding courses for new hires

- $599 per month first location. Tax Deductible*

- Usage reports, syllabus, and full training package

About the System

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$849 per month Academy View System

$599 per month Academy Sales System

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 Includes unlimited support for roll out and management

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