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Get Immediate Access

Join the Jewelry Sales Academy today.  Click the link below and immediately get access to our industry leading sales floor management system.  Enjoy 90 days unlimited support with consults monthly.  We have one focus, to help you sell more jewelry.  Get started today and see what it's like to have the best in the industry at your fingertips.

Join Today

The Jewelry Sales Academy is a turn key operational system for your floor, you get a full time sales trainer for not even 1/10th of the price.  We offer services for onboarding and training new hires, training content and syllabuses, and the most effective training content to match your operations and marketing.  Whether you want to plug our existing training content and schedules into your business or create custom content to match your seasonal campaigns we can handle it for you. 

Step 1. Join Now

Immediately after joining you will receive a login to an Academy University.  We will contact you for an onboarding call, user list, and graphics/colors for your University.  We offer a 30 day money back trial period.  During this time you will have access to all content to view and experience. 

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Step 2. Onboarding

During this time we get an understanding of how we can best help you.  Membership with the Academy offers unlimited services of training, consulting, audits, whatever you need.  Generally during this time we decide what is the best way to operate the system and the use.  We will train your managers, staff, or needed users on how to use the system.

Step 3. Use and Support

After deciding what is the best use for your store we help you carry out the goals you are wanting to achieve.  Unlimited support and consults from everything to useage, one on ones, and anything to help you sell more jewelry.  It's called a partnership for a reason, we want you to succeed and have all the tools to be proud to say, "I'm a partner with the Jewelry Sales Academy."


Experience ROI

- AVG ticket 30% greater on new hires
- 25-30hrs of training on average
 per month*
- New Hire training averages 6 months
- Clientelling systems increase Lifetime value of Customers
- Increase in avg ticket in Bridal, Diamond Fashion, and Repairs


The Jewelry Sales Academy full year membership is priced to be on par with ONE visit from your average sales trainer.  Membership is month to month no contract.  We build out a private label University and system for your store.  Expect to not only see an increase in sales but a sharp increase in operational efficiency.  

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From Sales to an Operator

Jewelry is hard, most store owners and managers are the top sales associates.  We specialize in raising the standards of sales in your company with repeatable and consistent systems to help you spend less time worrying about sales and more time worrying about the direction of your company.  See what it's like to have the best in the industry at your fingertips.  

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