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Success leaves clues, It's no secret what makes the best the best.  Join them 

The Future of Training

Onboard, Train, and Refine

7 hrs a day, that is the Average American's screen time.  We are now wired to learn and take in information from screens.  Make that time productive at your business by filling up that small screen with training made SPECIFIC to the Jewelry Industry.  This is not sales training this is a proven  "Turn Key" system of showing, selling, clienteling, and operating Jewelry Sales Floors. 


Training is powerful

One on One with every associate right from your screen

Your Personal Onsite Sales Trainer

Previously only available for "Larger Companies" 

Your Plug and Play Customer experience manager and Sales trainer.  Weekly training programs along with management packs to make sure your store is as efficient and profitable as possible.  Instead of the industry average of 3 years to train a sales professional it will now take you 6 months.  Experience what it's like to have the best sales floor in your region. 


  • What is SLC U?
    A "Plug and Play" training system for sales staff, managers, and new staff. Our goal is to give you the systems of the top jewelers in the country, and to help you onboard new staff. This is the bridge between gemological knowledge and actual sales skills.
  • Will my store qualify for SLC U?
    SLC U is not for all stores. Although this is hands down the most complete and easy to enact system for training and sales available it will still take a commitment of consistency from you. Expect Sales professionals to spend 15-20 minutes a week and managers/trainer to spend 20 minutes a week also. Its about consistency.
  • Price and terms?
    You can contact us for a free demo and a user account to get an idea of what we offer. Check out our pricing page, there are no contracts and payments are month to month as long as we benefit your company.
  • How long will it take to start?
    Generally we can rollout a store within a week and sometimes sooner. The system goes on a bi-weekly basis. The day you decide to signup is the day we can get you started. It's a personalized system, so what you need is what we will roll out.
  • What if I don't use it?
    There is no commitment or contract. You use our service only as long it is beneficial to you. It is our prerogative to make sure SLC U benefits you, and to give you all the tools and service you need. With weekly live streams for Q&A and available time for one on one's we are here for you.

Grow Your Business

Growth is about repeatable success.  Some call it scaling some call it smart choices.  Whatever you want to call it make the most important part of your business efficient and consistent, your Customer's Experience.  Jeweler's Launch was built out of necessity to accomplish just that.  

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