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Launch Your Sales

The best in the Industry at your fingertips 

About Us

We originated from necessity.  Jewelry is an experience business and that experience is 100% defined by the staff waiting for them behind your doors.  The more consistent experience you offer the faster you grow.  Jeweler launch was founded on the idea of designing the best possible experience for you clients but more importantly making it repeatable.   We do not offer sales training, we offer proven and accredited systems.   Jeweler Launch is  a turn key system that will simply and exponentially grow your teams ability to sell, clientele, onboard, and most importantly keep customers coming back. 


The Experience Business

What your customer experiences will be what your bottom line experiences.  Look around, every large brand is beginning to focus on, Customer Experience.  It just so happens we have been doing that very thing for over 52 years.  Proven systems of training, selling, and clienteling that have been proven by 3 generations and secret shopping studies.  The best part?  Its all at your fingertips.  

Increase your sales

What your customer experiences is what your bottom line experiences.  It is no secret that there are small differences between being the best and being average.  See what has made the best, the best, for generations.  Plug and play systems for your business.  


Wanting to see what we are about?  Check out our free YouTube Channel below.  Email for a free Demo to see what our courses and organized content can offer.

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Google lens for learning estate jewelry
Academy Skills Training: Battleship
SPF for YouTube
Has the Customer Changed or Have We?  Jewelry Sales Academy William Jones
One Piece Basicss
Grow your people: Academy testimonial Lauren
Across The Case Jim and Rebecca
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