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We're Jewelers too!

How we started

Six locations and around 100 sales professionals is a lot to manage.  Jeweler Launch started as a way to save time traveling stores.  The original courses were onboarding courses.  "How do we take someone with no experience and give them a foundation to become the best?"  Training times went from 3 years to 6 months.  Training became more efficient and more importantly consistent.  It was clear this was the future of how training, and brand experience will be rolled out in all industries.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple, "To Offer the Best Retail Experience in the World."  That has been our goal from the beginning. If you're in jewelry you're in an "Experience Business."  That means your people are responsible for the experience your customer's receive.  Product is only half of the sale, what keeps people coming back is the customer experience.  Give the same brand experience of the largest competitors, but in a streamlined no nonsense way.

At your fingertips

With Jeweler Launch you will get an infinite amount of Industry leading and specific training designed to increase your revenue.  Our system is designed for customers and that grows sales.  You get the industries best training specifically designed to help you grow your business.  You're going to get an outline, a system, a complete schedule and plan of how to make your sales floor higher revenue, higher GP, and higher in Customer retention. 

Core beliefs

Consistency builds winning teams and has led to some of the most important achievements in history.  When we are children we understand that practice makes anything possible.  At Jeweler Launch we believe that by focusing on the Customer instead of the product we can build businesses that outlast any decade of change.  In Jewelry it is our Customer's that keep us in business.  Our focus is Jewelry Customers, what they want, what is new, and more importantly how to build top producing companies through consistently practicing what works. 

A Complete Turn Key Operational System

I didn't start Jeweler Launch as a business.  I started it to meet the needs of our own staff and company.  I think that's how the best changes happen.  There's no fat, no upsells, just a great system to make your experience consistent.  I know this system will help you because it helped me.  At first it was time savings but later it evolved to one of the most efficient operational management tools I'd ever used.  Setup a free demo and see how you too can "Launch Your Sales"

- William Jones IV

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