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We Help Jewelers Sell More Jewelry

We Help Jewelers Sell More

Industry Experts
at your Fingertips

Scalable Operations

"How do you get your staff to treat customers like you do?" That was the question that started the Academy.  Whether you are an owner looking for more time, or a motivated executive looking to scale and grow operations, training in Jewelry is the factor that holds us all back.  Partner with the Jewelry Sales Academy and see why stores across the Nation join for the training but stay for the systems. 

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The Experience Business

Out of all Industries, Jewelry has the largest gap between knowledge of the product and knowledge of the customers buying experience. Jewelry Sales Academy specializes in training for your Retail Jewelry store.  Taught by generations of industry experts, owners, and operators Jewelry Sales Academy is truly a turn key training system for your entire staff.

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Everything for Retailers

  • Customized Training University

  • Sales Floor Management

  • Sales Analysis and Individual analytics

  • Complete Store Consults

  • Marketing Audits

  • Hiring and Onboarding

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50+ years of Knowledge

Join the Jewelry Sales Academy and gain access to the largest online library of experts specializing in the Jewelry Industry. Proven strategies, knowledge, and systems to train, onboard, and maintain industry leading sales floors and operations. The Jewelry Sales Academy specializes in growing and maintaining retail jewelry sales. 

Everything in one place

- Year round in store training

- Specialized pods for sales and events

- Onboarding and new hire pathways

- Avg ticket, one on one, and management systems

- Access to continual research on retail environments

- Customizable and Private label options

- Increase in Avg ticket, Retention, and CLV

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