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The only reason we're here is because what we offer works

Originated from Need

The Jeweler Launch system started from our own personal needs.  We know the pains of implementing change and progress in your company.  That's how we started.  Through our own trial and error along with feedback from management and staff we built the system you see today 

"The Future of Training and our Business"

Bill Jones, CEO- Sissy's Log Cabin

Three years is now 6 months

We have all heard it, "3 years is the standard for a stand alone sales person in the jewelry industry."  Don't fall for it, 6 months with Jeweler Launch and a person brand new to the industry can sell nearly on the same level as someone with 10 years.  Expectations and Focus, that's the key to our success.  Pair that with hours of secret shopping, customer psychology, and generations of experience and you get lightning in a bottle.

"It's allowed us to maintain our culture through unprecedented growth"

Jackie D.

"As a manager it allows me to focus on sales and the day to to day operations.  I save time while still getting the best training in the industry"

Robert D.

"It's all about expectations,  the online training paired with instore sets the tone for what we expect our in store experience to be.  No matter if you're new or have been here for 10 years we all stay up to date and on the same page."

Joe C.
joe testimonial.jpg

This System Works

Which is also why its not available in competing markets.  What we offer is the most up to date and proven system of operating a sales floor in the industry.  Setup a demo today and see how far you can go.

Our Growth is Our Testimonial

-JM-8961 (1)_edited.jpg
"We use this system, it has changed every aspect of our ability to design, train, and implement a consistent experience for our customers"

William Jones IV - Founder Jeweler Launch

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